About Me

I was born in Bahrain to mixed Chinese and British parents and grew up between Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.  I graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Law and Social & Political Science and enjoyed a successful career with international financial institutions in New York, London and Hong Kong.  

After leaving the financial markets to get married and start a family, I parlayed my interest in interior design into Wright & Smith, an acclaimed design platform that was at the forefront of the industry's shift to reaching online consumers.  With a global client list and work published in magazines around the world, the company was sought after for international collaborations. I was an invited speaker at an array of events.  

Then life threw a curve ball: over an 18-month period my marriage ended, I lost a good part of my financial security, moved country on my own with three young children and made the decision to close part of my business.  

It would have been easy to assume that I’d been successful in life because I was educated, determined, presentable and lucky.  But this didn't feel lucky: I had major responsibilities, I was tired, I was stressed and, honestly, I was scared. 

At the same time I realised I had a great opportunity to pursue what really mattered to me, in terms of core values and true success.  With a powerful motivation to rebuild I did just that - with intention and purpose.  


I am an investor and entrepreneur with 20 years of international experience in working with business owners, investors, leaders, international corporations and niche boutiques.  I know, on a very practical level, how to put my experience and knowledge to best use for results and impact.


My passion is personal and professional development.  I work with leaders and high performers who want to optimise impact, outcomes and life for themselves and the people in their care.  


Are you ready to take yourself and your impact to new levels?  


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