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About Me

I was born in Bahrain to mixed Chinese and British parents and grew up between Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.  


I graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Law and Social & Political Science and enjoyed a successful career with international financial institutions in New York, London and Hong Kong.  Since leaving the financial markets, I have consulted with and coached private and corporate clients, including business owners, investors, leaders, international corporations and niche boutiques. 


I am an investor and entrepreneur with 25 years of international experience.  My passion is personal and professional development.  


I coach because I believe in human potential.  We all have something unique, something great, inside of us - for ourselves and the people around us.    


And I believe a successful life is created, designed and led.  I believe a successful life has impact.  I believe that a life well-lived is evidenced in freedom, energy and a legacy.  


This is why I coach you to thrive in business and in life. 


One of the greatest investments you can ever make is in yourself.  When you commit to coaching, you are making an investment with exponential returns.  


You gain the clarity to identify what you want, your vision, what your business needs, what’s holding you back and how to move beyond it.  


You learn to manage your mindset so that you can always strategise and take action.  


The beautiful thing is that, as you hone these skills, you intrinsically lead and inspire others to do the same.  Your people - your investors, your teams, your family and loved ones - understand exactly where they are going with you and how your mission for thriving includes them too.  


Momentum, drive and inspiration are with you.  You are not drained, exhausted, “managing” people and reacting to circumstances.  


You are leading and thriving, 


You are creating impact and real returns.  


You are building the business and thriving in the life that you truly desire.  


Are you ready?  


Book a call and let’s chat! 

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