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Every now and then I get to share some thoughts and coaching around specific topics for a wider audience.  


This is where we keep you posted with upcoming dates and share a selection of previous recordings. 


I especially enjoy the events that I get to co-host with other experts and practitioners in the wellness space, where we aim to maximise the holistic impact of our work.  

Enjoy exploring and please do contact me if there are particular topics you'd like addressed.  

How To Get It Done
Webinar Recording

How to overcome procrastination and create your next win.  Know why you put things off or get distracted.  Understand the mindset shifts that will put you in the zone for getting things done.  Learn practical strategies and tips for success that you can start using today.  

How To Get It Done

How To Get It Done

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Top 10 Strategies for Overcoming Stress and Making It Work For You
Webinar Recording

Chronic stress is endemic today and can cause major health risks if left unchecked.  

Join me and Toni Baker, Naturopath at Balanced Living Singapore, to understand how stress symbiotically impacts your emotional and physical health.  We explain the role of your adrenal glands in managing your stress and share our top tips on how to optimise diet and lifestyle to manage stress and even make it work for you.  

Where Is Home? 
Webinar Recording

"Where is Home?" is a question that means a lot to many of us right now: we may be part of a mixed culture family, raising third culture kids, be third culture kids ourselves, or unable to travel to see loved ones in this pandemic.  

Join me and gifted counsellor, Christina Park, in conversation to explore "Where Is Home?" and what we can do to create the home and relationships we want, wherever we are.  

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