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Work With Me

1:1 Coaching

I work with individual clients who want to create, or navigate, change so that they and their businesses can thrive.  My coaching style is developmental and collaborative.  I support you in identifying, strategising for and achieving your goals.  As you develop your self and business concept, I help you to explore the full range of possibilities and opportunities available to you.  This work is often exciting and inspiring.  Sometimes it’s challenging – my job as your coach is not to keep you in your comfort zone!  But it is to walk shoulder to shoulder with you, in partnership, as you develop the clarity and strategy you need for the life and business you desire.

I am 100% committed to you, and your investment to optimise your next chapter.  My coaching process gives you simple, yet highly effective, self-management and decision-making tools.  In our 1:1 sessions we dive deep to hone these skills of self-mastery, particularly in the areas that make them most effective for you.

The outcome for you is that you are clear on exactly what you want and what your business needs.  You have clean thinking, decisions made and your strategy for moving forward.  Your CEO mindset and self-management tools mean that you have everything you need to stay on track and continue to thrive, even when curve balls or obstacles come up along the way.

Group Workshops

I provide group coaching and workshops for organisations and corporate clients who are seeking to provide development opportunities to their members and employees.

Group coaching can be an invaluable developmental resource for any team or organisation – providing opportunities for individual engagement, peer learning and support and to develop inter-personal dynamics that maximise impact within the session as well as beyond the workshop itself.

I work with each client to understand your precise requirements and desired outcomes so that I can design and deliver the best coaching to achieve your goals.  This may be in the form of standalone group workshops, delivered in one live session or over a day.  I also provide series of group coaching sessions to embed deeper developmental outcomes, where required.

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