Work With Me

to overcome challenges like these

Big changes

Your circumstances are changing - personally, professionally or both. How do you take control, position yourself and ensure the best outcome? 

I will help you to know exactly where you are going. You will align your decision making with your core values, so that you can protect what is most important to you, while creating new opportunities. 

Running to stand still

You have so much on your plate. You feel like you have to keep going. But you don't know how long you can continue to hold everything together. 

I will show you how to bring balance back into your life: so you are fulfilled and engaged but with far less stress. You will be operating at your best - without overwhelm and exhaustion, but with balance and control. 

Where's my mojo?

You've built a successful career. But you feel stuck and listless. How do you rediscover your motivation, pivot or reignite upward momentum?

I will work with you to build total clarity on your next steps and to get to where you want to be. You'll level up with a powerful, impact-driven mindset and practical tools for a lifetime of continued success. 

Mindful Leadership

Your role requires you to lead others. You want to create a psychologically safe environment that facilitates creative solutions, real results and a happy team.

I will show you how to develop mindful awareness of your leadership mindset and behaviours, and those of your team. With empathy, curiosity & discernment, you can lead your team to professional fulfilment and purposeful goals.

Can I do this?

You have a big project coming up. A lot is at stake: your reputation, your legacy, the belief of your supporters. Your inner voice is asking: Can you pull this off?

I'll work with you to successfully and strategically execute. With smart goals and an empowered mindset you will confidently move way beyond your old limits to new and consistently higher levels of achievement. 

Levelling Up

You're on a good footing with a positive future ahead. How do you maximise your opportunities, avoid making past mistakes and ensure next level success?  

I will show you how to embed positive patterns of thought and behaviour with empowering habits so that you are always ready to bring your best self to the table: confident, aware, prepared and ready for new heights. 


The Coaching Process

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting is where we get to know more about each other. We'll discuss what's on your mind, I'll explain how I can help and answer any questions you may have about coaching. This consultation is completely confidential and free of charge. Its purpose is for us to get to know each other and decide whether to work together. 


Awareness is essential for success. With awareness of your thoughts and feelings you can manage yourself in the world in an extremely powerful way - remaining calm, clear-sighted and effective through life's ups and downs. With a clear understanding of your spheres of control and influence, you can view problems and challenges from multiple perspectives that may otherwise remain blindspots. You can strategically plan the best way forward.


Willpower will get you so far. But sustained motivation is possible when your values and goals are embedded with intention and purpose - when your goals are built on your definition of successThen you can establish effective habits, new perspectives and clear strategies to execute your plans successfully. 


Yes is nothing without the how. For real results you need to know what to do and when to do it: the practical steps to take in order to reach your targets. As your coach I help you to stay agile - sometimes the best laid plans need to change with circumstances. But, with awareness and alignment, you will have the confidence to decide if and how to adjust.  


The coaching process will bring you balance, confidence, clarity and results. You will know exactly your direction, with clear goals and agile strategies. 


The coaching process will not make you invincible - life is full of surprises! But, whatever is happening around you, you will be equipped with tools for life so that you can bring your best self to the table every time.